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He said that Horan had a very unhealthy, insidious and debased sexual interest in children.He said the crimes were all committed for Horan’s indulgence and pleasure and Horan had exploited children in a most horrible way.He then continued to coerce her to send more images, the court heard.

He noted a medical report which stated that child porn became Horan’s autistic fixated interest as a source of pleasure and relaxation. He understood the damage and yet he didn’t stop what he was doing,” he said.“I felt scared because I told him where I had lived.I was afraid he was going to come and get me,” she said, in a victim impact statement read out in court today.“They should preserve the evidence and not delete anything and they should report the matter to gardaí,” he said.‘Absolute shock’ Earlier this week, Detective Garda David Connolly told Lorcan Staines BL, prosecuting, that the parents of the then nine-year-old girls from the Skype recordings expressed their “absolute shock” when they found out about the exchanges with Horan.“If there are such interventions, he has to partake of those meaningfully.It is important for society and him that he is given certain interventions that will change him,” he said.He pleaded guilty to two more counts of sexually exploiting a child and one count of distributing child porn on dates in 2015.He further pleaded guilty to possessing child porn at his address on 11 July 2015.To use this website, cookies must be enabled in your browser.To enable cookies, follow the instructions for your browser below.

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