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There are dance moves, claps, snaps and even hip bumps. Zoo's Hungry New Anteater Chows Down A rare giant anteater has been given a welcome fit for a king.The new 4-year-old male anteater named Oso was brought to the Chester Zoo as part of a European endangered species breeding program.The handshake tradition began four years ago when Jerusha Willenborg started teaching at the elementary school.Each kid gets her or his very own personalized, secret and very elaborate handshake with the teacher.Pair of Pups Leads Cops on High-Speed Chase It was a different kind of police chase in Arizona as cops pursued two white pups on a highway."We got a call from a concerned motorist of two dogs running on the freeway," officials said.

The crew of a charter boat in South Carolina was recently splashed by not one, but two sharks, within five minutes of each other.And "Star Wars" regalia was on display for the service. How Yankee Candles Are Made A lot of old fashioned Yankee ingenuity goes into Yankee Candles – along with 175,000 pounds of wax a day.Join us inside the factory in Whately, Massachusetts, to see how they keep the candle flames burning. An Oklahoma game warden was called to a location where ranchers found an eagle so cold after an ice storm that it couldn't fly.One dog was caught on the highway, but the other darted into a mobile home park. If their owners aren't found, the pups will be put up for adoption, ideally going to a home with a good fence. If you’re snowed under by all the shoveling you’ve had to do this winter, don’t despair: There’s more than one way to clear a path.Inside Edition.com's Keleigh Nealon ( Nealon) has more. Just start with an 8- to 10-inch snowball, and let the good times roll!“We are so grateful,” Monoky said of her rescuers at a press conference. South Korea Is Making Fascinating Robots During his time in Pyeongchang for the Winter Olympics, NBC’s Keir Simmons takes a look at the rise of robots in South Korea for this week’s Sunday Spotlight.He even gets to control a 13-foot bipedal robot from the inside. Stormtroopers Lead Fan's Funeral Procession The Force is strong in this family.Will these technological advancements make their way to the U. Roger Conway had a galaxy-sized love of "Star Wars," and when the 41-year-old died after a war with Type 2 diabetes and organ failure, his sister made sure he had the "Star Wars"-themed funeral he wanted.The hearse bearing Roger's Jedi-themed coffin was led by Imperial stormtroopers.How to Tell When a Tree Is About to Fall A mom of three who was crushed when a tree toppled on top of her in Central Park has filed a 0 million lawsuit.Anne Monoky is still wearing a neck brace six months after the incident.

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