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Antislavery Movements Coffin, Levi, 1798-1877 Gold Mines and Mining Huf, Sophia (Bogue), 1866-1931 Huff, Emily Jane (Nixon) Huff, Oliver Nixon, 1852-1937 Nixon, Rhoda Nixon, Samuel, 1781-1865 Quaker Abolitionists Quakers - Genealogy Quakers - Indiana Quakers - North Carolina Donation, Robert Nixon Huff, and Donation, Kathleen Kaeuper..

The Nixon-Huff Papers were received in two donations.

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Mercy was remembered (three pounds) in the will of Miles Standish in 1655, who stated whom I have tenderly love for Marcy Robinson for her grandfather,'s sake. John Robinson, William was with his father on the vessel of Fifteen Toones in 1667 when it was making a trading trip from the Vineyard, it was laden with miscellaneous freight, mostly food and household items when the vessel was wrecked at Quick's Hole. Silas was a soldier in the America Revolution and died in service on May 22, 1778. in the name of Silas Weeks was sold by his heirs on February 22, 1785.He came from Staines, Middlesex, England [most probably with roots in 1216 North Wyke, western Devonshire near Exeter] and died about 1688 or 1689 in New England.This William is believed to be the son of Richard Wickes (Weeks) who names his son, William in his [1638] will and being in New England.The vessel was seized and looted by the Indians of Elizabeth Island. From this land sale by the heirs three children are known , Theophilus, James and Ada Weeks.The signature of Theophilus is identical with that found on Military Land Warrant Nr 1806, issued in the name of Tehophilus Weeks and sold by him on 23 May, 1785.In January 1666 he was fined for selling strong liquor. which concerned a lawsuit against the estate of Grace Weeks.He promised for himself and family that they shall no more sell strong liquor., was married twice. William married Mercy Robinson 16 March, 1668 (or 1689). He removed to North Carolina with his family about 1730 and settled in Carteret County and then moved to Onslow Co. Theophilus was inspector for the port, which was called Weeks Landing, Week's Whard, The Whard, Weeks Pint, Bogue, New Town and Swansboro.Zillar Hunter the wife of Silas Weeks, was the daughter of Nicholas and Rebecca Hunter.Zillar was listed as one of twelve children listed in the will of her father Nicholas who died in 1750 in Carteret Co.Above photo (from North Carolina State Archives) courtesy Jack Dudley, as included in This line of Weeks came from England to [Martha's Vineyard] New England.It appears that William Weeks was the progenitor of this family.

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